International Humanitarian City Free Zone

The IHC is among the 28 substances that make up the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, the biggest improvement establishment in the Middle East, The IHC use the Dubai's framework, bleeding edge coordinations, positive casing works, asset joining and advancement at work engaging the guide organizations to work and arrive at the areas of emergency and ease the experiencing starvation, cataclysmic event, civil war, human rights, poverty and emergency situations. IHC is a non-governmental, independent authority which is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit organization that primarily exists to support humanitarian organizations and agencies in their mission to deliver assistance to people in distress.

Setting Up a Business in IHC

With a part driven model IHC assumes crucial function in encouraging the main reaction to emergency at worldwide level with effectiveness and broad help. Dubai's key area and fantastic framework makes it a center point for coordinations offering different methods of transport and worth included administrations which supports understudy legislative, and business associations. Worldwide Humanitarian City in Dubai offers an inventive way to deal with philanthropic reaction through its inviting strategies, clinical offices, warehousing and affectionate organization of auxiliaries, accomplices in private areas, nearby network, and government.

Eligibility to Apply for a License

The 2 main criteria for obtaining a license as set by the International Humanitarian Free Zone Authority are:

  1. It must be Non-Governmental, Governmental, Company, or non-profit organization which is registered and incorporated in UAE or other country
  2. It must be a commercial company incorporated pursuant to the “International Humanitarian City Commercial Companies Regulations”

1. Fill the Application

The organization interested in acquiring a license must fill and submit the required documents to the International Humanitarian City Authorities.

2. Lease Agreement

The organization must apply and obtain a valid lease agreement from the IHC authorities stating their purpose.

3. Naming the organization within required criteria

The naming of the organization must be made by following the rules and regulations set by the authority

4. Check with all the terms and conditions after acquiring license

  • Terms of license (valid for 2 years)
  • Appointment of manager (principal representative)
  • Nationality of the Organization (branch of commercial entity)
  • Local address (free zone address)

Why Set Up Your Company in International Humanitarian City?

By and by, IHC is the most-striking and biggest critical place for dealing with worldwide emergencies. With the developing interest for worldwide guide and requirement for extra warehousing, clinical and coordinations upheld. In 2011, IHC significantly increased its office and extended its extra territory by 300,000 sq. meters. Drawing nearer to the key areas 18 km from Al Maktoum Airport which is the Middle East's biggest air load activities focus with extraordinary airdrop abilities, 21 km to Jebel Ali Port the largest man-made port in the world, giving the member and tenants the exclusive ability to move mission critical shipments from sea to air in a short-time as little as 10 minutes. IHC has organized, delivered and supported some of the worst humanitarian crises in the past 10 years.

Benefits of Setting Up an Organization in IHC

  • World-class infrastructure
  • Minimal red tape policies
  • Support from governmental organizations
  • Strategic geographical location
  • Stockroom complex that includes cold storage for emergency food materials and medical supplies
  • Total repatriation of capital and profits
  • 100% free transfer of funds
  • 100% exemption of import and export duties
  • Complete foreign ownership

Facilities in IHC Free Zone

  • Office spaces
  • Warehousing facilities
  • Auditorium and cafeteria
  • Meeting and training rooms
  • Business and training facilities
  • Various services offered by IHC to members
  • Dedicated United Nations building
  • Sea and Airlift logistics capabilities