Dubai Textile City Free Zone

The material business has situated itself as one of the blasting areas at a worldwide level. Manages the creation of various sorts of textures, yarns, articles of clothing, covers, the business remains as an evergreen market and is assessed to hold an estimation of USD 1,230 billion by 2024. By investigating and understanding the potential that the material market holds, the locale of the UAE has a committed zone named as Dubai Textile City to elevate the business and lift the creation.

Finished in the year 2006, the Dubai Textile City is a joint endeavor between TEXMAS, Dubai Port and Customs Authority to encourage the Textile business in the area of Dubai and extend it to different pieces of the world.Starting a business in Dubai has turned out to be a simplified process over some time, gaining the attention of international investors. The region of DTC allows different types of business activities:

  • Textile
  • Fashion
  • Trading

The DTC is one of the most promising and convenient textile hubs in the world which offers multiple benefits to the business investors like:

  • Complete exemption from the customs duties for an unlimited period
  • Premise sublease options
  • Free transfer of goods
  • Long lease period with attractive rent
  • A smart and integrated framework for the business of different sizes

How to Start a Business in Dubai Textile City?

To incorporate a business in Dubai Textile City (DTC), one has to go through the following process:

1. Decide Company Name

The name of a company is the attention grabber and holds the complete identity of a business. Deciding the name of a company is one of the crucial tasks that a business owner or investor needs to go through. While determining the name of a company in Dubai, one needs to follow the legal guidelines:

  • The company name should not hold any indecent or obscene words
  • It shouldn’t be offending the general public
  • The name of the company shouldn’t indicate “Allah” or “God’s” name
  • The name of a company shouldn’t be of a country or government
  • In case if the company name is of a person, he/she needs to be a legal business partner
  • Family names can’t be used as a trade name
  • Punctuation marks or special characters shouldn’t be included

2. Decide a Business Structure

Once the organization name has been concluded by according to the expressed laws, the following stage is to continue ahead by choosing the sort of business structure. In DTC, a business owner can choose from the following option:

Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)

A free zone limited liability company is a separate legal business entity that allows individual shareholders or corporate shareholders to come forward and establish a company.

Branch of a Foreign or National Company

Any foreign or national company who deals with textile business has got the flexibility to incorporate a branch in Dubai Textile City.

Submit the Required Essentials

A business entity gets incorporated only if appropriate documents are submitted in an error-free way. The set of essential documents that need to be submitted in Dubai Textile City includes:

  • Passport and visa copies of shareholder(s)
  • Proof of trade name registration
  • Proof of initial fee approval
  • Notarized Memorandum and Articles of Association (MOA/AOA)
  • Notarized Power of Attorney
  • Lease agreement stating the physical address of the business
  • Initial capital to be invested

Apart from the documents stated above, the additional documents required are stated below:

  • Board resolution of the existing company
  • Certificate of business registration

Benefits of Starting a Company in Dubai Textile City

By starting a company in Dubai Textile City (DTC), an investor will be able to avail the following benefits:

  • Complete unfamiliar proprietorship
  • Key area for business consolidation
  • 100% duty exclusion
  • Adaptable government activities
  • Hearty organization and availability
  • Simple access alternatives to the worldwide market
  • Better business openings