Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park Free Zone

TThe Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, referred to as DuBiotech for short, was launched at the beginning of 2005 and is a science & business park dedicated to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. It is modelled on the free zone concept.DuBiotech plans to encourage an ideal situation for systems administration and cooperation inside the biotech network. DuBiotech is the world's sans first zone devoted to biotechnology. In its first stage, it has banded together with in excess of 50 global life sciences organizations like Genzyme, Pfizer, Merck Serono, Amgen, and so forth. In its second phase, the free zone aims to strengthen partnerships with government bodies in key areas such as regulatory affairs, federal and local policies and academic projects. DuBiotech has two operating arms:

Foundation for Research and Innovation, which focuses on government-funded R&D in several important areas such as medicine, genetics, agricultural, and stem cell research. The second arm is to set up Biotech clusters with high-quality infrastructure for incubators, research labs, manufacturing facilities as well as educational facilities

Benefits of Company Setup in Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park

  • Provision of 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% tax exemption
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • Long-term land lease
  • Easy integration with minimal formalities
  • Modern IT and telecommunication infrastructure
  • Fast-track visa services
  • Single-window administration for government services

Business Entities in DuBiotech

  1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company
  2. Branch of A Foreign Company
  3. Branch of A UAE Company

Types of Companies in DuBiotech

  • Life Science Services
  • Specialty Supplies
  • Therapeutics
  • Food
  • Agricultural, Horticulture, Forestry
  • Environment
  • Life Science Association
  • Diagnostics and Analysis
  • Medical/Scientific Equipment

Types of Business Licenses in DuBiotech

  1. Marketing license
  2. Industrial Activity license
  3. Warehousing license
  4. Import and Re-export license
  5. Consultancy license
  6. Service Activities license
  7. Community Organizations license

Procedure of Company Setup in DuBiotech

  1. Apply for approval of registration
  2. Submit the required legal documents
  3. Collect your business license
  4. Arrange for lease agreement
  5. Settle the requisite payments

Documents Required for Registration

For a Free Zone Limited Liability Company

  • Personal details of shareholder
  • Passport copies of the shareholder, director, manager
  • Board resolution
  • Original bank reference
  • Specimen signature of the manager
  • Original free zone company application

For Branch of a Foreign/UAE Company

  • Registration certificate
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA)
  • Board resolution
  • Passport copy of the manager
  • Specimen signature of the manager
  • Parent company’s profile